Zeno Clash 2 Is Now Available

Zeno Clash II
Atlus has released today ACE Team’s first-person brawler, Zeno Clash 2, on Steam. Zeno Clash 2 picks up where the deliciously brazen first game left off. After 4 years of waiting, the sequel to the surreal first-person brawler brings more variety in combat and levels, and even more bizarre storytelling into the beguiling world of Zenozoik.
According to the press release, there are three versions of Zeno Clash II on Steam:
-The standard version of the game sells for $19.99.
-The Special Edition sells for $29.99 and includes a digital artbook and the game’s 45-track soundtrack.
-The 2-pack version is value-priced at $29.99 for those who want to punch things with a friend.
Zeno Clash 2 welcomes new players to the Zeno Clash universe with a new game that will bring them into the universe and fill them in on the backstory. Returning players will delight in the connections between the new settings and the first adventure. All players will thoroughly enjoy playing a first-person brawler that provides a rarity in modern gaming: a truly unique experience.
Zeno Clash 2 has beefed up its combat engine with precision punch targeting, blocking, and high-impact hits that only make the bone-crunching, face-rattling fistcuffs more satisfying. The new “Lock-on” function gives players a wider range of control for dishing out the damage. New RPG mechanics will allow Ghat and Rimat to punch harder, defend better, and recruit more powerful allies to aid in their quest.
It is also said that Zeno Clash 2 now harnesses the full power of the Unreal III engine to bring the bizarre and beautiful world of Zenozoik to life. Bold statement from ACE Team, and we’re pretty sure that it’s incorrect as Zeno Clash 2 is not as impressive as – let’s say – the Samaritan tech demo; a demo that showcased what Unreal III engine is capable of.