Doom feature v2

GZDoom may receive new modern-day effects like per-pixel lighting & raycasted real-time shadows

Nash Muhandes, main developer and programmer of the latest version of GZDoom, has showcased some new graphical features that may find their way to it. Nash showcased per-pixel lighting as well as raycasted real-time shadows, and the results are quite amazing for such a really old engine.

The new per-pixel lighting model looks amazing and similar to the one found in the Tenebrae mod for the first Quake. Moreover, and with the addition of the raycasted real-time shadows, the game’s visuals will noticeably improve. However, we still don’t know whether these effects can be applied to the original WADs of the classic Doom games.

With per pixel lighting, models can now be partially lit, and even the HUD model is affected by directional lighting, looking more realistic than before.

It’s worth noting that both of these features are developed by dpJudas for the experimental version of QZDoom. QZDoom is a continuation of dpJudas’s truecolor software rendering, merged with and forked from GZDoom.


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