Guardians: the Last Day of the Citadel Is Now Available

Drakkar Dev announced that Guardians: the Last Day of the Citadel has just been released worldwide for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. According to the press release, the core gameplay resembles the classical single player side-scrolling genre, but it use significant variations. All aspects of the game are actually designed to have a very flat learning curve players because it relies on well known core mechanics.
Innovation from taking various gameplay modes from all time classics and merging them in a more fluid and complete experience. It then gradually expands to become richer as the game proceeds and characters collect new objects, equipments and weapons.
Orazio Granato, CEO of A-Tono said:
“We definitely see Guardians as being technically one of the best title out there right now and we are making all the possible effort to make it successful. It’s a game that deserves being noticed.”
The game is available on the App Store and is priced at $4.99 USD.