Project Blackout will sport battles between dinosaurs and humans

Admit it. You really wanted to battle against the Tyrannosaurus that was featured on the custom wallpaper of Battlefield 3. You may not be able to experience such battles in Battlefield 3, but here comes SG Interactive with their online free-to-play first-person shooter, Project Blackout.
The company has just revealed that the game will feature an all new gameplay mode that will be pitting players against each other as humans or dinosaurs.
In Dino Mode players must fight their way out of an experimental breeding ground where the dinosaurs have turned on their creators. Challenges await even the most veteran soldiers as deadly packs of player-controlled velociraptors hunt them around every corner. Blocking the last exit to survival is the most fearsome dino of all, the Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Chris Lee, CEO, SG Interactive said:
“Adding Dino Mode to  Project Blackout is something we’ve been eager to reveal to our hardcore community for a while. By adding dinosaurs we’re able take the feeling of ‘hunt or be hunted’ to a whole new level. Little is more gratifying than stomping and chewing up other players while playing as T-Rex.”
Project Blackout: Official Dinosaur Mode Tutorial

Project Blackout Dino Mode