Grand Theft Auto V feature-2

GTAV – PC Version Has Been Under Development Since 2012, May Be Lead Platform For New-Gen Version

And here comes a major leak. Today, almost all logs for GTA V’s internal builds have been leaked. According to the logs, the PC version of GTA V has been under development since 2012. This obviously does not surprise us, as we’ve all known that this game was coming to the PC (sooner or later). Still, this leak somehow explains why the game appeared on AMD’s drivers out of nowhere.

What’s also interesting is the fact that PS4 and Xbox One are never mentioned in these logs. This could mean that the PC platform is the lead platform for the current-gen version of GTA V that is coming later this Fall.

In addition, Rockstar’s game testers have been playing, testing and reporting issues for the PC version until June 2013. Moreover, it appears there will be x64 support as there was an error specifically for it.

Not only that, but we can notice specific PC issues being reported. In short, GTA V PC may not be as bad as GTA IV, especially if Rockstar is using it as the base build for the current-gen version of its title.

Those interested can view the entire log file here (do so while you still can).