Grand Theft Auto V feature-2

GTA5 NaturalVision Evolved is now in Early Access, adds screen-space ray traced global illumination

Modder Razed has released an Early Access version of NaturalVision Evolved for Grand Theft Auto 5. In order to showcase this Early Access version, the modder has also released a in-game video that you can find below.

NaturalVision Evolved is a work-in-progress visual overhaul mod that features numerous changes. This mod aims to improve the environmental weathers, lighting system, ambient colors, and tonemapping. It will also enhance world textures, building models and more.

Now what’s really interesting here is that the mod introduces screen-space ray traced global illumination. Or at least that’s what the modder claims. Furthermore, it will have improved screen-space reflections, better building reflections and new emissive lights.

To be honest, NaturalVision Evolved looks great. However, this Early Access version is behind a Patreon wall. As such, we strongly suggest waiting until the final/public version comes out.