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GSC GameWorld Is Back From The Dead, Working On Unannounced Game

And it’s back from the dead. The company that offered us the STALKER series is back in is currently working on an unannounced title. Now while a lot of employees left from GSC GameWorld, it’s definitely good to see the company that may offer us a new STALKER game… hopefully… maybe someday…

As GamesIndustry revealed, GSC GameWorld is working on a new unannounced game that will be an old-fashioned, full price game, targeted to 25-40 years old gamers.

In addition, GSC GameWorld’s Valentine Yeltyshev explained why STALKER 2 was abandoned, and what’s the relationship between GSC GameWorld and West Games.

Even though the game was in the middle of its development, it became clear to GSC GameWorld that the game would need a lot of work and polish in order to meet its expectations.

STALKER 2 was in the middle of development, but we started to realise that we weren’t ready to complete the game at the level of quality that we thought it should be.” said Valentine and continued:

“It was a difficult decision [cancelling the game], because the team was working towards a full-scale game, but they and our CEO understood that the game just wouldn’t be at the level we wanted from STALKER 2. There was also a problem getting interest, and the right money, from publishers. We were offered funding once we reached alpha. Actually we would have been able to fund the entire development ourselves, but we still weren’t sure we’d be able to sell it once we’d got to alpha.”

Regarding West Games and its claims for being the guys that worked on STALKER, Valentine had this to say:

“When we were working on STALKER 2, we were also planning on releasing a browser game based on STALKER so we could keep the audience engaged until released. That project was never finished. There were mistakes. But the guys at West Games, that was the STALKER project they were working on – a flash game. So when they promoted themselves as having worked on STALKER, I was quite surprised. We would definitely win the legal action against them, but we won’t start it.”