Grimoire: Manastorm – Free Weekend Announced

Omniconnection announced today that during this weekend, players will be able to play Grimoire: Manastorm for free. In Grimoire the standard ammo counts, headshots, and cover systems have been replaced by genre-blending mechanics that reward cleverness as much as speed.

“As a powerful wizard employ immovable objects and unstoppable forces- then watch them collide in spectacular arcane explosions. Travel instantaneously or raise magical barriers when enemies call down storms of meteors, summon deadly blizzards, and rip apart the fabric of space and time to destroy you. Use every trick at your disposal to lure opponents into deadly traps and your own devastating sorcery. Visit a magical land where powerful wizards struggle in epic battles- a million miles from ordinary.”

Grimoire: Manastorm is available through Steam’s Early Access and will be free starting April 23rd at 10 AM PDT and ending April 26th at 1 PM PDT through a Steam Free Weekend. For a full week beginning on April 23rd Grimoire will be 50% off via the Steam store.

Here are the game’s key features:

· Multiple game modes with more in development!
· Six wizard classes each with four unique spells and one unique passive ability
· Seven fantasy-inspired maps including medieval cities, dark caverns, and towering cliffs.
· Eight inventive mobility and utility spells that range from teleportation to summoning unbreakable walls.
· Nine rings for Mortal Men doomed to die- err, sorry. Got a bit carried away.

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