Grid 2 Teased – Coming Summer 2013 – More Information On August 8th

Codemasters has released a teaser trailer for – what looks like  – a sequel to Grid. It’s been almost four years since the last Grid title, so we are interested to see what Codemasters has in store for us. Grid got birth from the team that was behind the Toca series. Race Driver: Grid (also known as Grid) was the latest installment in the Toca Touring Car series, a series that evolved to something completely new (as the initial Toca games were classic racing games with circuits). According to the trailer, there will be more information, however, we have the first information about its release date so keep reading!
A closer look at Grid 2’s official website reveals some new, interesting information. According to the source code, this new Grid game will be called The Race Returns and will be released on Summer 2013. Needless to say this information is hidden from the frontpage, but we went ahead and captured a screenshot from Grid 2’s source code that can be viewed below. Unfortunately, there aren’t any platforms confirmed yet.
Enjoy the teaser trailer and stay tuned for more!