Grand Theft Auto V – Realistic Vehicle Mod Pack V1 Released, Features +50 Real Vehicles

Let’s be honest; while there have been some really interesting vehicle mods for Grand Theft Auto V, it’s a real pain in the a*s to actually find and download them. Thankfully, YouTube’s member ‘SteamLOL’ realized how tiresome it is to find some of the most interesting vehicles mods and released a mod pack, featuring more than 50 real vehicles.

As stated, this is a collection pack. SteamLOL did not create any of the vehicles that are included in it.

Those interested can download this mod pack from here.

Do note that the vehicles folders contain the backup files (for example: REALISTIC PACK V1\elegy). The actual mods are located in the sub-folders that are located in every vehicle folder (for example: REALISTIC PACK V1\elegy\NismoGTR).

In addition, you’ll need OpenIV in order to install GTA V’s mods.

Have fun everyone!