Grand Theft Auto V PC Listed On Major Online Gaming Stores

Grand Theft Auto V v4

Okay okay, we all know that GTA V will – eventually – hit our favourite platform. Yes, Rockstar has not announced anything yet, but we’ve already got hints from both the configuration file of GTA V’s X360 version and Nvidia (who claimed that the game will hit PC this Fall but then retracted from that statement). So, today we present you some major online gaming stores that already have the PC version available for pre-order.

GTA V PC is currently available on both Amazon France and Amazon Germany. The game was also available on the UK store, however Amazon decided to take that page down. Still, you can find its cached page here (kudos to NeGAF’s members).

Zavvi and GameSeek have also listed GTA V for the PC. Do note that the release date that can be spotted in Zavvi is just a placeholder and nothing more. As the online store suggests, ‘the release date we have for GTA: Grand Theft Auto V (5) is a placeholder date, and will be updated when Rockstar confirm the Release date to us.’

It’s pretty obvious that something is going on in the background, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted. In related news, the petition for GTA V PC has surpassed 350K signs.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!