Grand Theft Auto IV – Excitebike (8-Bit Nes bike mod)

GTA IV Excitebike Mod
Blasphemy, how could we not post this earlier? Well, with E3 under way it was really hard to keep up with everything that was thrown at us. Fear not though PC gamers as the second day of E3 has ended, and we are presenting you now a new mod for GTA IV. As usual, our reader ‘Jonathan Gustafsson’ has sent us the following video, showcasing an 8-Bit bike (that is based on the classic NES game, Excitebike). This mod is created by modder¬†quechus13, so pay him a visit. We should also note that the track was created by Stilldre and you can download it from here.¬†Oh, and happy birthday Jonathan. Enjoy the video everyone!
Grand Theft Auto IV - Excitebike (8 BIT NES BIKE MOD) HD