Grand Theft Auto 5 mods add 70 new missions, RPG mechanics, Mechagodzilla, Ada Wong and more

It’s been a while since our last look on GTA 5’s mods, right? Grand Theft Auto 5 came out six years ago on the PC and its modding community is still very active. As such, today we are bringing you a number of mods we found interesting over the past couple of months.

The first one, GTA RPG, adds some RPG mechanics to the game. This mod introduces a progressive Exp system, Dynamic NPC dialog with a range of NPCs and RNG-Based Item and loot system. It also features Quest System with onscreen tracker, Simplistic RPG UI and in-depth Skill System with Skill Trees and upgrades.

The second mod we have for you is a mission pack that adds 70 new missions to the game. According to its description, in these new missions players can go into vehicles as passengers, go inside interiors, open doors, hack PC and safes, and use new vehicles. They can also interact with new characters, and the missions are much more complex thanks to a lot of new features.

The third mod is a Los Santos map update/fix. This mod aims to improve the main map area with some new features. For instance, it allows players to enter more buildings. It also adds collision material, hi-res texture, LOD’s to various places.

And now time for the fun stuff. This mod allows players to control Ada Wong from Resident Evil 2 Remake. This is an amazing mod as it has full facial animation and Ada’s model is fully rigged. Moreover, the mod contains 2 outfits with variation textures, 2 Hair styles and working Hair Physics.

On the other hand, there is also a Mechagodzilla and a King Ghidorah mod for GTA 5. As you may have guessed, these mods allow you to play as either Mechagdozilla or King Ghidorah. They are kind of cool, though they lack the polish of the mods we’ve seen from JulioNiB.

Have fun everyone!