GOG is teaming up with Team 17; Worms, Alien Breed, and Superfrog franchises coming to GOG

GOG.com, the dashing digital distributor of DRM-free PC games, has added a new publisher to their catalog today, with some of the classic PC games from developer Team 17 Software now available for sale. There are a number of classic games that Team 17 has developed, and GOG.com starts off with the most lovable (and lethal) annelids of the gaming world in the unforgettable and quintessential artillery shooter Worms United – a special edition of the original Worms with the expansion Worms Reinforcements that is available on GOG.com for $5.99 USD.
Gamers will also need to use heavy explosives to battle even more creatures-the nasty space alien kind-in Alien Breed and Alien Breed: Tower Assault, available together for $5.99 only on GOG.com. Classic platformer Superfrog and the pulse-pounding World Rally Fever: Born on the Road will be added to the GOG.com catalog in the next week.
The Worms franchise represents one of the greatest turn-based artillery shooter series ever made, and is fantastic fun either against the CPU or playing with friends via hotseat. Worms United brings the best of the classic gameplay from the first Worms game and its expansion together for unbeatable fun at just $5.99 on GOG.com.
Alien Breed and Alien Breed: Tower Assault are classic shoot ‘em ups with blazingly fast action, smooth-scrolling graphics, and intense gameplay that will keep gamers glued to their seats. Alien Breed is a classic linear shooter, but Alien Breed: Tower Assault mixes things up with nonlinear gameplay and many new environments and gameplay tweaks. Both of these titles are available in a two-pack together for $5.99.
Superfrog is widely considered a technically perfect achievement in the side-scroller run and jump series, with elegant controls, cartoon-quality graphics, challenging gameplay, and catchy music. While Team 17 may be best known for the addictive Worms series, anyone who loves a good platformer should definitely check out this classic, which will be available on GOG.com on 12th January 2012 for just $5.99.
World Rally Fever: Born on the Road, the final Team 17 title that will join the GOG.com catalog in the next week, is an arcade racing game with an emphasis on speed and fun. Featuring 8 different characters whose cars all handle differently and a wide variety of tracks. With excellently illustrated anime-style graphics and a soundtrack that is filled with catchy tunes, World Rally Fever: Born on the Road will be available on GOG.com on the 17th January 2012, also for $5.99.