Get Even To Be Powered By “Fine-Grained Texture Streaming” Tech

Graphine announced today that, Painkiller: Hell and Damnation developer, The Farm 51 has chosen the Granite SDK to power the graphics of its upcoming sci-fi thriller Get Even. Get Even will be one of the first games to almost exclusively use 3D scans of real-world objects and places in its game world.

“What makes Get Even different from other games in its genre is its approach to photorealistic visuals. (…) We try to imitate the rough and run-down environment you can find in the real world and we are achieving it by using 3D scanning.”

This is how The Farm 51 describes their approach to graphics on their website. At the Digital Dragons 2014 conference in Poland earlier this year, Wojciech Pazdur, Development Director at The Farm 51, hinted that the Granite SDK would be the ideal solution to realize their vision.

“Graphine’s texture streaming system, Granite, helps to solve the issues that accompany huge amounts of scanned data. With their help, we’ll be able to create pixel perfect graphics in Get Even.”

Aljosha Demeulemeester, CEO at Graphine, added:

“Photogrammetry, and 3D scanning in general, allows game developers to create high quality game assets that have the uniqueness and level of detail only found in the real world. Looking at Get Even, you immediately notice that small teams can do amazing things with this kind of technology. I believe that 3D scanning techniques will play a big part in future game asset creation pipelines. Our Granite SDK is aimed at solving the technical problems you encounter when using these large amounts of texture data in a real-time 3D application. It’s a perfect match.”

Granite SDK’s fine-grained texture streaming system will be used to render the large number of extremely detailed, high-resolution textures in Get Even’s dense urban environments, without compromising playability on mainstream hardware. In addition, Granite SDK will keep the game’s total size on disk in check using its texture compression.

Granite SDK minimizes memory usage, storage size and loading times while allowing the use of massive amounts of unique texture data. The middleware supports all common image formats. Granite is available as a ready-to-use integration in the Unreal 4 Engine and as a feature complete plugin for Unity, as well as a stand-alone SDK.


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