Gears of War 4 receives its largest patch to date, weighting over 29GB in size

The Coalition has released the largest update to date for Gears of War 4. This update, titled Rise of the Horde, adds a number of new skills for each class, new difficulty modes, two new maps, and enables Crossplay in Ranked Play that brings Xbox and Windows players together in the battle to earn the highest rank possible.

Furthermore, The Coalition announced that a free trial will be launched on June 9th and running until June 15th. This free trial will offer 10 hours of free play in Gears of War 4, including the entire first Act of the Campaign plus full access to the Horde and Versus experiences.

In addition, this update comes with further improvements to multi-GPUs, removes an exploit in Horde that allowed players to kill friendly team members, updates all Zombie Characters to use standard character dialogue, and features miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

Here is the changelog for this new update.

Gears of War 4 Rise of the Horde Release Notes:

  • Implemented Gnasher tuning changes tested in last month’s Test Week
  • Behind the scenes improvements to the Gnasher to further improve consistency
  • Updated all Zombie Characters to use standard character dialogue
  • Zombie Characters will now only say “Braaaaaains!” when landing a headshot
  • Fixed an issue that caused headshot character dialogue to fire more rarely than intended
  • Majorly reduced ‘killstreak’ dialogue. Increased frequency of original character dialogue for 3 and 4 kills in a row.
  • Resolved a rare issue where being removed from a Competitive Lobby for reasons outside player control could result in a matchmaking penalty
  • Removed an exploit in Horde that allowed players to kill friendly team members
  • Fixed issues with Security that could cause the lasers to be shown as permanently on
  • Spectator: Added team colors to X-Ray vision in Spectator Mode
  • Spectator: Reduced explosion screen-shake when spectating
  • Windows 10: Resolved a bug where – in rare instances – single-shot projectiles could misfire at high framerates
  • Windows 10: Further improvements to mGPU
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements
Gears of War 4 Official Trailer - Rise of the Horde