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GDC 2014 Survey Proves That PC Is The Most Popular Platform

PC gaming is dying. No one cares about it. Consoles are overtaking. The Apocalypse is upon us, save yourselves. Nyaaaaaaaah. You’ve heard from a lot of sources that PC gaming is not as popular as – lets say – console gaming, right? I mean, Rockstar is constantly delaying the PC versions of GTA so this must mean that consoles are where the money is, right? Well, they are wrong.

A recent survey from GDC 2014 proves that PC is the most popular platform. When asked about their platform of choice for their next game, 52% of the developers said that PC is where they plan releasing their games. Shocking enough? Well, not exactly if you ask us.


While console games can generate a lot of money, their commercially successful games are not that many. Hell, even multi-platform games have difficulty breaking even. After all, this was the reason why Irrational Games closed, and why Tomb Raider struggled to make a profit.

Like it or not, it seems that it’s more profitable these days creating an addictive game with a small team. Which explains why Ken Levine wants to build a studio with only 15 people. It also explains why CliffyB wants to return to PC gaming (you know Cliff that we still remember those comments about PC gamers being pirates…. right?). And it also explains why a lot of indie developers have been successful on the PC platform.

PC is stronger than ever, and it seems that Japanese developers are starting supporting it. Ikaruga has just been released on the PC, Killer Is Dead is coming, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance got released, and Square Enix – according to Eurogamer – wants to port main Final Fantasy titles to it (meaning there is still hope for Final Fantasy XV on the PC).