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Galactic Civilizations III – Beta 5 Now Available, Full Game Releases This May

Stardock announced today that the fifth beta build for Galactic Civilizations III is now available, adding much-requested features to Stardock’s epic sci-fi 4X. As the press release reads, custom faction creation has been added, and allows players to choose from dozens of abilities, technology focuses, and starship styles.

In addition, the Thalan Contingency and Iconian Refuge have joined the struggle for galactic dominance, bringing the roster of pre-made races up to full strength at eight factions. Also, a new planetary invasion system has been implemented that puts tactics from orbital bombardment to tectonic destabilization in players’ hands.

Furthermore, many more features, from a new 3D diplomacy overview to the largest Excessive and Insane map sizes (you’ve been warned), are also available with today’s Beta 5 update.

Galactic Civilizations III is described as the next installment in one of the highest-rated strategy series of all time, created by the original developers at Stardock. Players expand their space empires across galaxies that range up to enormous maps only possible thanks to Galactic Civilizations III’s 64-bit engine. Unique tech trees for each of the game’s eight races and multiple victory conditions give a huge number of ways to play – not even counting custom races, ships, maps, and franchise-first online multiplayer.

Galactic Civilizations III Beta 5 carries through on Stardock’s promise to let players enjoy the game in whatever manner they see fit. New Game Pacing and Research Rate sliders can alter the progression of a game, minor factions offer new opportunities for friendship or conquest, Trade Resources are valuable in their own right as well as excellent diplomatic trade chips, and support for modding has been dramatically extended.

Galactic Civilizations III Beta 5 is available now via Steam Early Access. The full game is scheduled to release in May 2015.

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