Full specifications for Intel’s “Coffee-Lake” Core i7 & i5 CPUs have been leaked

It appears that the full specifications for Intel’s new Coffee-Lake Core i7 and Core i5 CPUs have been leaked. As it was leaked via Anandtech’s forum, there will be four new CPU models; two Core i7 and two Core i5. All of these brand new CPUs will feature 6 cores, will be compatible with the LGA 1151 socket, and are planned for release next month (during this year’s Gamescom).

As said, Intel plans to release two Core i7 CPUs: the Intel Core i7 8700K and the Intel Core i7 8700. The Core i7 8700K will be clocked at 3.7Ghz, whereas the Core i7 8700 will be clocked at 3.2 Ghz. Both of them will support Hyper Threading and both of them will be turbo-boosted at 4.3Ghz.

On the other hand, Intel plans to also release the Core i5 8600K and the Core i5 8400. The Intel Core i5 8400 will feature 6 CPU cores and 9MB of L3 Cache, won’t support Hyper Threading, will be clocked at 2.8Ghz, and its TDP will not be exceeding (theoretically) 65W. The Intel Core i5 8600K will also feature 6 CPU cores and 9MB of L3 Cache, won’t support Hyper-Threading, will be clocked at 3.6Ghz and its TDP will be at 95W.