Frictional Games’ SOMA Enters Pre-Beta Phase, New Screenshot Released

Frictional Games has announced that its upcoming horror title, SOMA, has entered its pre-beta phase. As the team claimed,  the game’s current state is a ‘milestone in preparation for the proper Beta, basically the full game without the final polish, which will happen a few months into next year.’

Moreover, the pre-beta phase will let Frictional Game evaluate a number of crucial elements in the game, and decide whether it should give them or discard them.

As Frictional Games’ Thomas wrote on the company’s official blog:

“Now that we’re in pre-Beta all of these changes are in and tested. This means the game’s final form is basically set. From now on we are not allowed to do any major changes and if something turns out not to work, we need to use smaller tweaks to fix it or just skip it entirely.”

Last but not least, Frictional Games shared a new screenshot from SOMA that can be viewed below.


SOMA new screenshot