Frictional Games, creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, tease their next game

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is still considered one of the best horror adventures ever created. Developed by Frictional Games, Amnesia proved that indie horror games can be quite special and we are delighted to see some teasers for Frictional Games’ latest project. So, today a new website got online (nextfrictionalgames) and as we can see from a quick whois, the website is registered to¬†Frictional Games HB. In other news, this is the real deal.
At the moment, there is only a blurry image with the Amnesia logo and a text that reads ‘something is emerging…’. This could very well mean that Frictional Games is developing a DLC, an expansion, or a true sequel to our beloved Amnesia.
When clicking on the image, we are re-directed to a Google Maps where we can see yjr Temple of Heaven, the Great Mosque of Xi’an and Saint Sophia Cathedral in Harbin. These are obviously some settings for Frictional Games’ upcoming game. China then, interesting.
Enjoy the image and stay tuned for more!