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Free Bloodborne demake with Zelda-like graphics is available for download

Bloodborne fans, here is something special for you today. Max Mraz has released a free demake of Bloodborne in a Zelda-like top-down game. This fan Bloodborne Demake uses the Solarus engine, and you can download it right now.

Max Mraz has recreated the entire Central Yharnam, allowing players to explore the streets of a cursed, gothic town, hunting beasts and uncovering twisted bosses.

In Yarntown, players have a normal melee attack, a charged attack, pistol shots and a dodge roll. Now as you may have guessed, these mechanics are more similar to the 2D Zelda SNES game than to Bloodborne. So yeah, consider this demake a mashup of Bloodborne and Zelda.

Still, the end result is amazing and retro-cool. And, well, since Sony and FromSoftware have not announced yet Bloodborne for the PC, this is the only way that you can experience it. That is of course until we get some working PS4 emulators.

You can download this Zelda-inspired Bloodborne Demake for the PC from here.

Have fun!

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