Bloodborne header screenshot

New Bloodborne PC rumors surface, as industry insiders hint at the game finally coming to the PC

It appears that PC gamers may soon be able to play a FromSoftware game that came exclusively on PS4. This game is no other than Bloodborne, and numerous industry insiders hinted today at the game coming to the PC.

Now we’ve seen such this Bloodborne PC rumor appearing frequently in the past, though we never reported on it. However, this is the first time that the source – or in this case sources – is trustworthy.

The first hint came from Wario64 who claimed that PC gamers can wait a little longer to play Bloodborne on the PC, without the need of PS Now.

Then, Sloth Mom claimed that Bloodborne is indeed coming to the PC, and that its PC port will not disappoint its fans.

Resetera’s moderator Jawmuncher also claims that the rumor is real, and that Bloodborne is coming to the PC. Also, lashman on Twitter has been hinting at Bloodborne PC for a while.

It’s interesting that this rumor surfaces today. As we know, Sony planned to have its Playstation 5 event today, which was unfortunately postponed. Thus, Bloodborne may be coming on both PS5 and PC (perhaps simultaneously?).

Now while this rumor appears to be legit, we strongly suggest taking everything you’ve heard with a grain of salt.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted, so stay tuned for more!