Fractured Space – Unreal Engine 4-powered Tactical Space Combat – Launches On Steam Early Access

Edge Case Games, a new British games studio formed from the team behind Strike Suit Zero, has now launched its online space battle game Fractured Space on Steam Early Access. Fractured Space puts players at the helm of gigantic capital ships in epic online, team-based space battles, and promises to be a bold new vision in tactical space combat.

Players can purchase either the Forerunner or Forerunner Fleet packs, priced at $9.99 USD / €9.99 Euro / £6.99 GBP and $19.99 / € 18.99 Euro / £14.99 GBP respectively. The Forerunner Fleet pack provides four game keys so players can share with friends and form their own tactical space combat team. Further Founders Packs, with a range of perks, including exclusive ships, crew, boosters and ranks, will be introduced in the future.

James Brooksby, CEO of Edge Case Games, said:

“Our open development journey for Fractured Space started with our first playable build and it’s exciting to welcome new players into the game as we launch on Steam Early Access. Every player can participate in exciting tactical space battles while also getting a chance to become new contributors to Fractured Space’s ongoing development.

We have huge ambition for what Fractured Space can become and bringing it to Early Access is the next stage of our journey. Even at this early stage we feel the quality of our vision shines through. The team, hand in hand with the community, are building a game that takes space combat in a completely new and exciting direction.”

Fractured Space is powered by the Unreal Engine 4 and is scheduled for a full release in 2015.


Fractured Space Early Access Trailer