First Working WiiU Emulator Is Now Publicly Available, Is Called “Cemu”

A couple of days ago, Matt informed you about the first WiiU emulator that was under development. Well, good news everyone as the first working wii u emulator is real, and its first version has just been released to the public. In case you’re wondering, no; this emulator does not properly run yet triple-A games (and in our opinion it will take a while. It does boot up triple-A games like Zelda Wind Waker HD to the menu however). Still, this is the first major step in emulating Nintendo’s console. 

For obvious reasons, we won’t share any links. However you can easily find this emulator by searching Google. For your interest, this emulator is called “Cemu.”

According to its release notes, this first version of Cemu can run encrypted Wii U images (WUD) and RPX/RPL files. It requires Windows x64 only and OpenGL 3.3. There are no optimizations applied yet, meaning that there will be long load times and slow framerates.

Here is a small FAQ for Cemu:

Can the controller be configured?

Not yet, it’s locked to using the GamePad via keyboard. Proper controller support will come in a future release.

Can I run extracted games?

No, when launching a Wii U executable directly (.rpx) no external files are supported. If you want to run a game, it needs to be in raw dump format (WUD or ISO).

Is there supposed to be sound?

No, audio is not yet supported.

What’s next?

The current plan is to release new updates at least every two weeks. A more detailed roadmap is in the works.