First Two Point Hospital mod allows players to copy entire rooms/cabinets

Two Point Hospital is an amazing spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, however it lacks a crucial mechanism and that is the ability to copy entire rooms (instead of creating them from the scratch). Well, good news everyone as the first mod for this medical simulator allows you to do this exact thing.

Created by modder ‘newman55’, this mod allows you to copy cabinets. All you have to do, once you’ve installed the mod (by extracting the archive and putting the mod folder into ‘Mods’ folder of the Game), is hover over the room and press “CTRL + C”. Do note, though, that this mod is not compatible with the 1.0.3 beta version of the game.

Newman55 has also released another mod for Two Point Hospital that will help you to assign staff to various jobs. Players will have to open the Job Assignment Menu and click on the toggle buttons. Right mouse click selects only one job whereas middle mouse click or left click + shift selects the jobs in accordance with the qualification of the staff. For the time being, this mod works only for doctors and nurses.

Those interested can download the Copy Room mod from here and the Job Assign Helper from here.

Have fun!