Battlefield 5 will be lacking a lot of content at release

While Electronic Arts and DICE delayed the release of Battlefield 5 by a month, it appears that the game will be lacking a lot of content when it comes out. Now I don’t want to say that the content will be similar to what was featured in Battlefront 2, however things are not looking ideal for DICE’s upcoming shooter.

For starters, the single-player mode will feature 4 war stories (another one will be added after the game’s launch). In contrary, Battlefield 1 shipped with 6 war stories and Battlefront 2 featured a proper single-player campaign. In Battlefield 1, war stories told some mini stories about WW1 and while they were cool, they never really felt like a proper single-player campaign (like the traditional one found in Battlefront 2).

Electronic Arts has also confirmed that there will be 8 multiplayer maps at launch, meaning that we’re two maps down from Battlefield 1 (which featured 10 maps) and three maps down from Battlefront 2 (which featured 11 maps).

It’s not all bad though as the game’s ultimate multiplayer experience, Grand Operations, will be playable at launch and Battlefield 5 will also feature Conquest, Team Deathmatch and Domination. However, its battle royale mode, Firestorm, will also not be available at launch. Not only that, but Black Ops 4 will be out in the wild for over a month with its own battle royale mode.

So basically, we are looking at four multiplayer modes. For comparison purposes, Battlefront 2 shipped with six multiplayer modes.

The good news here is that Battlefield 5 will improve overtime with new free DLC. DICE claimed that all post-launch DLC will be completely free. EA will not implement any loot boxes, so that’s another great thing about this new Battlefield game. Furthermore, both Tides of War and Firestorm sound interesting, however we don’t know when they will be out.

However, Battlefield 5 feels like the definition of a game-as-a-service product instead of a proper full fledged/packaged title. It will get better – and its content will be free – but at release the game will be lacking major features and modes. And that may backfire on DICE and EA!