First Strange Brigade update adds three new levels for Score Attack and a new Horde Mode map for free

Rebellion has released the first update for its 1930s third person adventure game, Strange Brigade. According to the team, this patch adds three new levels for Score Attack – Harbin’s Dig Path, Hidden Valley and Tunnels of Wadjet – and a brand-spanking new Palace map for Horde Mode.

Both the new Score Attack levels and the Horde Mode map are free to all owners of the main game. Rebellion has also prepared more free stuff in the form of more Score Attack levels and Horde Mode maps.

On the other hand, all the new characters and the campaign missions ( first two campaign missions are coming in October and the third and final one is coming in November) will be behind a pay-wall and available to Season Pass owners.

As we wrote in our PC Performance Analysis article, Strange Brigade runs like a charm on both NVIDIA’s and AMD’s hardware. Do note though that it uses the Denuvo anti-tamper tech (and we know that some of you boycott the games using it).