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First-person exploration mod released for Mass Effect 3, available for download

Last week, we informed you about a mod that enabled a first-person mode in Mass Effect 2. And today, modder ‘LordEmil1’ released a similar first-person exploration mod for the third part in the Mass Effect series, Mass Effect 3.

Similarly to the first-person mod in Mass Effect 2, this mod adds an Exploration first-person mode to Mass Effect 3 by changing the default camera position and FOV. The result is pretty cool and will let you explore the game’s environments via a completely different camera viewpoint.

Moreover, this mod does not alter the Combat viewpoint in any way, meaning that both combat and conversations work flawlessly with it. LordEmil1 has previously released an experimental first-person combat mode for Mass Effect 2, so here is hoping that we’ll also get one for Mass Effect 3.

It’s also worth noting that this mod won’t be compatible with any other mods that modify the SFXGame.pcc file.

Those interested can download this first-person mod for Mass Effect 3 from here. Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll simply have to go to ME3’s Install Directory (usually located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Mass Effect 3) and then drag and drop the Biogame folder into the Mass Effect 3 install directory.

Have fun!