Mass Effect 2 feature

You can now play Mass Effect 2 in first-person mode thanks to this amazing mod

Mass Effect 2 is considered by many as the magnum opus of the entire franchise, and today we’ve got some great news for all Mass Effect 2 PC fans out there. Modder ‘LordEmil1’ has just released a mode that lets you experience the game from a completely different perspective, as it enables a first-person mode when you are exploring the game’s environments.

This first-person mod for Mass Effect 2 does not change the combat perspective (the game automatically switches to third-person mode when you are in combat) and is completely compatible with all the conversations (as they are using multiple different perspectives throughout the game).

What’s really interesting here is that the modder claimed that he has tried, and for the most part succeeded, making a Combat version of this mod. This first-person Combat mod is said to be far from being ready to be released because of some major issues with the camera clipping with Shepard’s body and head, though it appears that LordEmil1 does plan to release such a mod in the future.

Right now, this mod won’t be compatible with any other mod that changes the SFXGame.pcc file, so things like ME2Controller won’t be able to be used with it.

Those interested can download this first-person exploration mod for Mass Effect 2 from here.

Have fun!