First PCIe 4.0 benchmark test coming to 3DMark later this Summer

UL Benchmarks has announced that the first PCIe 4.0 benchmark test will be coming to 3DMark later this Summer. In case you weren’t aware of, the new PCI Express 4.0 interfaces provide up to twice the bandwidth of PCI Express 3.0 and thanks to its higher bandwidth, games can transfer more data, reduce loading times, and support more complex scenes.

According to the team, the 3DMark PCI Express feature test is designed to measure the bandwidth available to your GPU over the PCIe interface. This benchmark test will help you compare bandwidth across PCIe generations with a test that’s quick and easy to use.

The PCI Express feature test will be coming to 3DMark this summer. It will be available as a free update for 3DMark Advanced Edition and for 3DMark Professional Edition customers with a valid annual license.

Last but not least, UL Benchmarks released the first screenshot from this upcoming benchmark test that you can find below!