First Monster Hunter World mod released from Kaldaien, discovers the worst anti-mod techniques

Modder ‘Kaldaien’, best known for his amazing Special-K mod for NieR: Automata and Yakuza 0, has released the first mod for Monster Hunter World. This first version of Special-K for Monster Hunter World allows for HUDless screenshots, enables Texture/button mods, allows Pre-HUD ReShade and packs fixes for some issues with the fullscreen-exclusive mode.

What’s also interesting here, though, is the anti-mod techniques/code that the modder discovered. According to Kaldaien, Monster Hunter World features the worst anti-debug/anti-mod code he has ever seen, putting FFXV’s stupid anti-debug to shame.

“I do not know if this is a part of Denuvo that has never been used before or if it’s actually a trumped up ad-hoc solution from people who have no business imposing restrictions on the consumer. Anti-debug / anti-mod is always bad, but it’s exponentially worse when done by amateurs who do not have the necessary experience to ensure their stupid charade doesn’t do more harm to the customer than benefit (is there any?) to the publisher.”

Those interested can download the Special-K mod for Monster Hunter World from here. Be also sure to read our PC Performance Analysis for the game.