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Dark Souls Original vs Remastered graphics video comparison

YouTube’s ‘Crowbcat’ has shared a video comparison between the original and the remastered versions of Dark Souls. A lot of fans were a bit upset with some changes that FromSoftware did with this Remastered version and this huge video comparison (that is almost two hours) compares pretty much everything; from textures to lighting effects, weapons, item effects and more.

Regarding the game’s textures, and as we’ve already stated, there is currently a HD Texture Pack for Dark Souls Remastered that you can download. Created by Evie Schwab, this texture pack covers NMaps, Height Maps and Albedo Textures for all textures within viewing distance for the player, all in Native 4K, made from scratch without upscaling. In other words, it’s a must-have pack for all Dark Souls Remastered owners.

Contrary to other remasters, Dark Souls Remastered was not a free upgrade to all existing owners of the original/base game. Bandai Namco offered the game with a 50% discount to all owners of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition, was released May 24th, and currently has mixed reviews on Steam.

Enjoy the video comparison!

Dark Souls vs Remastered full comparison