First major update released for City of Brass

Uppercut Games has released the first major content update for City of Brass – “Catacombs”. This update adds the a unique underground environment, the Catacombs. This environment replaces levels 6-9 and includes a new deadly trap. Moreover, it adds new enemies and relics to discover.

Andrew James, Art Director of City of Brass, said:

“The descent into the underworld will bring players a ton of new stuff. So apart from the catacomb environment itself, there are fresh enemies, relics and a deadly new trap. We’ve also been hard at work tuning gameplay, adding more loot and health and improving the feedback players get when relics activate. Early Access is working well for us. The feedback has been just as useful as we’d hoped and we’re looking forward to continuing the process of improving playability and adding fresh content.”

New features in update 0.2 include:

  • Enter the Catacombs: Levels 6-9 have been completely replaced with a unique underground environment, including a new, deadly trap.
  • Devious new enemies to fight: The explosively Unstable Salitar, the Hazardous Gladiator, and a mystical Gatekeeper to defeat.
  • New relics to discover: The Charm of Fortune, Coin of Soldiering, Gauntlet of Thrusting, Tongue of Silver, and Pads of Silence.
  • A ton of tuning based on community feedback: More health, more loot, better feedback when gear activates.

In case you weren’t aware of, City of Brass is a first-person Arabian Nights rogue-lite from former Bioshock developers. In City of Brass, players can lash and slash, trick and trap their way through an opulent procedurally-generated city, making it to each trap-infested level’s exit before the sands of time run out – participating in Daily Challenges and testing their mettle against other players on the Steam Leaderboard.


City of Brass - Early Access Launch Trailer