Kingdom Hearts 3 feature

First Kingdom Hearts 3 mods remove wall effects, add ReMind Ability Integration

Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently available on PC and it has received its first mods. These first mods remove the wall “glowing” effects and integrate the ReMind Abilities to the actual game.

The first mod which removes the wall glowing effects is really simple. As its title suggests, it removes the wall effects that annoyed a number of gamers, and you can download it from here.

The second mod lets you unlock ReMind abilities by progressing through the main game, instead of gaining them all at once at the end. This mod also slightly adjusts when you get MP increases, so Magic is a bit more viable in the mid-game, particularly on Critical Mode.

As we wrote in our PC Performance Analysis, Square Enix did a great job with the PC version of Kingdom Hearts 3. The game supports keyboard and mouse controls, displays proper on-screen prompts, and we did not experience any crash or stability issues. Not only that, but KH3 does not require a high-end PC system in order to run with more than 60fps.

Have fun and stay tuned for more!