First details leaked for Need for Speed: Heat; female protagonist, open-world, not always online & more

It appears that the first details for the next part in the Need for Speed series have been leaked online. As we’ve already reported, this new NFS game will be called Need for Speed: Heat, and will release in 2019.

According to the leak, Need for Speed: Heat will be an open-world game, with a darker and more serious story.  Ghost will use this game as the basis for all the upcoming Need for Speed games, and it won’t be always-online. I’m pretty sure that this will please a lot of NFS fans out there.

Graphics and the tuning mechanics will be similar to those of Need for Speed 2015. As such, we can assume that the game will be using the Frostbite Engine.

The game will feature rainy weather, it won’t have any off-road races, and damage bars will be back. As such, players will be able to wreck their cars if they hit it too much.

Here are all the leaked details for Need for Speed: Heat:

  • Open world Game
  • Darker and with a more serious story.
  • Ghost will use this game as the basis for all the upcoming Need for Speed Games.
  • Not always online
  • Arcade gameplay as always. Just brake to drift, but it’s improved.
  • Tuning is the same as NFS 2015.
  • Speed Cards (Those microtransaction of full payback tuning cards) have been removed.
  • No off road.
  • Graphics similar to NFS 2015.
  • Rain is confirmed.
  • Police Escape: Classic Need for Speed ??style. Cops will be back in the open world. There will be helicopters and everything.
  • Damage bars are back, so your car could end up being destroyed if you hit it too much.
  • Gas Stations That Fix Your Car Are Back.
  • Cool races will be in the game.
  • Speed lists will be back
  • +18 Game

Moreover, players will assume the role of a woman, and the game will take place at night (and without any day-night cycle).

“In the open world, the game will always take place at night. No cycle of night and day. But you can run in specific races and missions during the day.

Set in Miami in the 1980s, The Protagonist is a Woman, Former Runner, now a Police Fugitive.

Named Need for Speed Heat ??will be unveiled on a special broadcast this Wednesday (14), at 11 am GMT.”

Thanks Reddit