First Destiny 2 PC patch is now available, removes the SSSE3 CPU requirement

Bungie and Vicarious Visions have released the first patch for Destiny 2. According to the companies, this patch removes the SSSE3 CPU requirement that was present in the game.

This basically means that owners of non-SSSE3-enabled CPUs will be able to play the game. Some of these CPUs are AMD’s Phenom II.

Do note that you should NOT use any third-party tools in order to work around this issue. According to Bungie’s PC Project Lead, third-party tools like the Intel SDE will get you banned. So yeah, avoid them at all costs.

We don’t know whether this first patch for Destiny 2 fixes any other issues as Bungie has not revealed any changelog yet.

The team is also investigating reports of performance drops and hitches after playing for extended periods of time. In other words, memory leaks. If you experience such issues, you can temporarily resolve them by closing and relaunching Destiny 2.

The Blizzard app will auto-downloaded this first patch for Destiny 2 the next time you start the client!