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Final Fantay XV for the PC Will Be a Tech Showcase if It Ever Happens, Will Be Beyond What Consoles Can Achieve

In an interview with JeuxVideo, Hajime Tabata revealed that the PC version of Final Fantasy XV – if it ever happens – will be a tech showcase, and will be beyond what current-gen consoles can achieve.

As Tabata told JeuxVideo, the PC version of Final Fantasy XV will be a “different kind of project“. Tabata wants to use the PC version of Final Fantasy XV as a tech showcase, and it will have the latest tech that is currently not possible to be achieved on consoles due to their hardware limitations.

Tabata claimed that if they decide to build such a PC version, the development team will have to do a tech overhaul and redo some R&D to see what new tech they can use to “rebuild the game.”

And even though there is nothing set on stone yet, Tabata wants to work on such a PC version once the console version is finished.

Naturally, we expect Final Fantasy XV PC to take advantage of DX12. It’s well known that Square Enix has been experimenting with Microsoft’s latest API this past year.

So there you have it everyone. Tabata wants to create the definitive version of Final Fantasy XV on the PC. The big question now is whether Square Enix will invest in such a thing or not.