Final Fantasy XV is officially coming to the PC in 2018

We all knew that Final Fantasy XV would be eventually coming to the PC. And Square Enix confirmed this today. Final Fantasy XV will be coming to our platform in early 2018 and the big publisher has released a new PC trailer for it.

The PC version of Final Fantasy XV will come with 4K high-resolution textures, support for Dolby Atmos, and will feature some NVIDIA GameWorks effects (such as NVIDIA TurfEffects for realistic grass simulation, NVIDIA Hairworks, NVIDIA Flow, NVIDIA HFTS shadows and NVIDIA VXAO).

The PC version of Final Fantasy XV promises to be the definitive version of the game, and will look better than its console counterpart. The big question, however, is whether these NVIDIA GameWorks effects will be properly optimized or not.

Enjoy the trailer!

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition Official Reveal Trailer (in 4K)