Final Fantasy XV has sold 8.1 million copies worldwide

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XV has sold 8.1 million copies worldwide. According to the company, this figure includes both retail shipments and digital sales, and includes all platforms.

Unfortunately the publisher did not reveal any sales per platform details, so we don’t know how much the PC version sold. According to SteamSpy, Final Fantasy XV’s userbase is between 500K and 1 million, so we can assume that the game has not hit the one million milestone on the PC yet.

Square Enix has not revealed any additional details yet about the promised level editor for the game’s PC version. The company claimed back in April that this level editor, which will allow players to create new quests, dungeons, chocobo races, vehicles and minigames, will come out in Fall 2018.

Square Enix is also preparing a Vulkan renderer for the game that will take advantage of the DLSS (deep learning super sampling) technique of NVIDIA’s upcoming GeForce RTX 20XX graphics cards.