Final Fantasy XIII – PC Version Is Locked At 720p

When Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIII would be coming to the PC, we were overjoyed. Yes, FF XIII is not the best FF game but this release will obviously strengthen the possibility of a PC version for Final Fantasy XV. However, it seems that Square Enix does not simply care for that particular console port.

In case you’re wondering, Final Fantasy XIII PC is reported to be locked at 720p. No no, we’re not joking. This is Deadly Premonition all over again. We get it, Japanese developers are not familiar with the PC platform but we kind of expected more from the publisher behind some amazing PC versions of games like Sleeping Dogs.

As we can clearly see – from this image provided by Reddit’s member ‘allworknoplaytoday‘ – there is no in-game option for the game’s resolution. Not only that, but there isn’t any resolution option via the game’s launcher.

Well known member Durante claimed that he’ll take a look at FF XIII, though it really disappoints the current state of this new FF game.

It’s like Square Enix is not trying at all, which seems really… awkward to say the least.

For what is worth, the game is also locked at 60fps (thank God Square Enix did not lock the framerate at 30fps for that ‘cinematic’ experience).


Durante is currently working on a fix.


Durante has released a beta version of his GeDoSaTo tool that enables PC gamers to use resolutions up to 4K.