Final Fantasy XIII – Durante’s GeDoSaTo Tool Brings Support To Higher Resolutions

And it only took Durante a couple of hours to fix Square Enix’s mess. This well known modder has released a pre-alpha version of his GeDoSaTo tool that features a pre-alpha plugin for the latest Final Fantasy game. In case you are not familiar with GeDoSaTo, this means that by using this toll you’ll be able to unlock the game’s internal resolution. Now keep in mind that this is still in pre-alpha state, meaning that you may encounter some bugs here and there.

Here are the known bugs and issues that will be – hopefully – fixed by a newer version of his GeDoSaTo tool.

  • Some off-by-a-bit scaling issues, making the output less sharp than it should be in some circumstances

  • DoF effects are unchanged (still at original, low resolution – this is more apparent in contrast to higher resolutions)

  • Probably some stuff somewhere is cut off. I saw some scissor calls and am not dealing with them yet

  • Crashes when taking screenshots using GeDoSaTo

  • Rendering resolutions larger than 3840×2160 don’t work

  • Probably lots more