Final Fantasy XI feature

Final Fantasy XI receives a major HD graphics overhaul mod

I’m pretty sure that some of you are still playing Square Enix’s previous FF online game, Final Fantasy XI. So, great news everyone as “Amelila” has released a new graphics overhaul megapack for it.

This graphics mod significantly improves the Final Fantasy XI’s textures, transforming its blurry and ugly visuals into something that is actually pleasing to the eye, that is actually able to compete with titles released a few years ago. This mod also includes optional HD Bump Maps which will greatly improve your gaming visual experience, though they require a beefy graphics card (according to the author).

The Final Fantasy XI graphics overhaul mod is 277MB in size and you can download it from here. Amelila also claimed that this megapack will always be kept updated as new mods are released, and will be distributed free of charge to everyone.

In order to celebrate its release, Amelila has also released a teaser trailer that you can watch below.


FFXI HD Overhaul - Channel Trailer