Fez is this week’s free game on the Epic Store, Celeste and Inside will be free on August 29

This week the Epic Store shifts their free games roster to the lovechild from one of the most iconic yet peculiar developers of the indie scene, Phil Fish. Indeed, you can now add the one and only Fez to what is steadily turning into a hefty library of free games.

Fez is a game that largely mirrors its creator: a little strange on the eyes, but ultimately brilliant. You play as the cute but simple Gomez who lives pretty much as happy as any 2D critter can be… until the fabric of time and space is suddenly interrupted, revealing a 3rd dimension.

FEZ Official Trailer

The player must help poor Gomez to move through this strange new dimension. From a gameplay perspective this means that the 2D levels effectively become 3D dioramas that the player can rotate at will, and thus help the little fellow reach new areas.

The mechanics are honestly too unique to explain on paper as it fuses 2D platforming and 3D traversal in hitherto unseen ways. It also doesn’t hurt that Fez is so gosh-darn cute!

Next week, ladies and gentlemen, we are getting two of the best, indie, platforming games ever brought into existence: Celeste and Inside.  Don’t worry, you can keep on watching Gamescom trailers because we will be sure to remind you here.