Far Cry 5 has micro-transactions, will be cosmetics and ‘speed up’ items

Far Cry 5 releases in a few days and Ubisoft told Gamespot that its latest open-world title will feature micro-transactions. However, and similar to pretty much all latest games, these micro-transactions will be only for cosmetic items and they will not affect – according to Ubisoft – the gameplay.

As executive producer Dan Hay claimed:

“We’ve set the game up to be generous. We’ve set the game up so…nothing is locked [away]. You can go out and explore, and the game will reward you for your exploration.”

Ubisoft’s PR then told Gamespot that these micro-transactions will allow players to speed up their progress, and they will be featured in both the single-player and the multiplayer modes. Now this does not make sense if the game’s microtransactions are only for cosmetics, right? Well, the game will allow players to spend real money so they can get some items (that can be also acquired via gameplay. By purchasing them you will simply be able to ‘save time’ as Ubisoft claims). So yeah, these micro-transactions will not be only for cosmetics after all.

Last but not least, Ubisoft confirmed that Far Cry 5’s single-player campaign will be playable offline (unless of course you plan to play it in co-op).

Far Cry 5 releases on March 27th!