Kingdom Come Deliverance screenshot 2

Kingdom Come: Deliverance mod removes the “Save & Quit” mechanic for true purists fans

And we went full circle. When Kingdom Come: Deliverance came out, there wasn’t any ‘Save & Quit’ option, something that frustrated a number of gamers. As a result of that backlash, Warhorse had added that option via an update. And here we are today with a mod that removes that recently implemented option.

This mod removes that Save&Quit option from ingame menu, so that you cannot save your game everywhere for free any longer. Saving with Saviour Schnapps is still working of course. And we are pretty sure that some purists fans will appreciate it.

According to Nic0h, this mod should be compatible with any other mod (except the ones that are actually changing this menu, too) and new game versions shouldn’t be an issue as well.

Those interested can download the mod from here.