Far Cry 4 – Patch 1.4 Delayed, Coming Early Next Week

Ubisoft was planning to release new patch Far Cry 4 today, however due to unforeseen circumstances this patch was pushed to sometime early next week. This update will fix – among other things – the black screen issue that some PC gamers have been experiencing.

As Ubisoft’s Megan posted on Steam forums:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances this patch may be pushed to sometime early next week. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will update you if we have a new ETA.”

Ubisoft is working hard to get the patch out as soon as possible, or at least what’s the French company is claiming.

For your interest, we did not receive today our review code for Far Cry 4. We don’t know whether Ubisoft did not send one due to the aforementioned issues of its latest patch, however – and since we know that you’re waiting for our analyses (for both this title and Dragon Age: Inquisition) – we’ve purchased it and our article will go live this weekend.

Let’s hope that Electronic Arts will send us a review code for Dragon Age: Inquisition sooner than later.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!