Far Cry 4 – Latest Update Removes Enhanced God-Rays From PS4 Version

Man, it really seems that Ubisoft can’t stop screwing things up. Yesterday, a video came to our attention suggesting that the latest Far Cry 4 update for PS4 removed the God-Ray effects that were previously available to it. Instead of posting this article straight away, we decided to hold our horses until we got confirmation from a number of sources. And today, we can safely say that these effects were indeed removed from it.

For what is worth, these enhanced God-Ray effects were never present in the Xbox One version. And strangely enough, after the latest update they are not present even in the PS4 version, despite the fact that they were present prior to this particular update.

At this point, we are uncertain whether this is a bug or an intentional removal. We’ll give Ubisoft the benefit of the doubt, at least for the time being.

The interesting part here is that those enhanced God-Ray effects were introduced by Ubisoft’s collaboration with NVIDIA. And while those effects work fine on AMD GPUs in Far Cry 4 PC, they could very well be ‘considered’ PC-only features that should not be present at all in the console versions.

So, there are currently three scenarios:

a) Those effects – that did not affect performance mind you – were removed for parity reasons between PS4 and Xbox One
b) Those effects were removed because they were considered PC-only features.
c) It’s a bug and nothing more

Ubisoft has not commented yet on this particular issue, but we’ll be sure to update our story once the French company does issue an official statement.

Kudos to YouTube’s NX Gamer and Rebel Leader for discovering this!

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