Far Cry 4 – Hairworks Tech To Be Added Via Post-Release Update, New NVIDIA Drivers Coming Tomorrow

NVIDIA has announced that Far Cry 4 won’t feature support for its Hairworks tech from the get-go. Instead, the French company will release an update that will add support to them after the game’s launch (similarly to the tessellated effects that are coming in Assassin’s Creed: Unity).

As NVIDIA’s Andrew Burns wrote on the official GeForce website:

“With HairWorks enabled, animals are enhanced with hundreds of thousands of DirectX 11 tessellated hair strands that look real, and act dynamically to external forces.

Additionally, HairWorks’ appearance is further improved by the other NVIDIA GameWorks effects featured in Far Cry 4: HBAO+ applies realistic AO shadows to the individual layers of fur, PCSS shadows hairs and layers of fur, and TXAA eliminates temporal aliasing and sharp anti-aliased edges on tessellated hair strands, increasing realism and the appearance of ‘soft’ fur.”

It remains to be seen what performance hit this new ‘fur’ technique will bring to the table. We should note that alongside Hairworks, Far Cry 4 packs a multi-platform approximated fur technology (that can be enabled from the get-go).

Furthermore, NVIDIA revealed that a new driver dedicated to Far Cry 4 will be released tomorrow. PC gamers can expect to get their hands on it tomorrow at 11am EST / 8am PST.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!