Far Cry 3 – Level Editor Details Unveiled

Ubisoft has been demonstrating Far Cry 3’s level editor in Malmo Sweden, and Ubisoft’s forum member ‘FallenChamp’ has unveiled some interesting details about it. Good news is that the level editor will also come on consoles, as FallenChamp had the chance to test the X360 version of it. Unfortunately though, we do not know if Ubisoft will offer cross-platform capabilities to it, meaning that your PC level will only be playable on the PC version of the game.
According to FallenChamp, the Far Cry 3 level editor will offer the following choices:
Town 87
Temple 118
Airport 25
Village 47
Mines 49
Radio Tower 54
Native 47
WW2 31
Chinese Tomb 51
Accessories 144
Construction 44
Debris 105
Fire Camps 6
Pipes 17
Roads 9
Towers 15
Bridges 35
Corpses 14
Decorations 99
Household 117
Posts 8
Signs 63
Walls 51
Cages 13
Crates 42
Fences 65
Industrial 59
Quays 14
Tents 5
Barrels 9
Doors 30
Beds 14
Chairs 29
Storage + Tables 49
Miscellaneous 29
Static Vehicles
Land 5
Sea 24
Air 14
Trees 39
Plants 11
Vegetation 79
Coastal 65
Jungle 42
Grass Land 33
Caverns 31
Coral 16
Lighting 45
Decals 31
Explosives 10
Ladders 24
Weapons 33
Vehicles 23
Hostile Mercenaries 34
Allied Mercenaries 8
Wildlife 67
Aquatic Wildlife 15
Terrain Bump
Terrain Raise / Lower
Terrain Flatten
Terrain Set To Height
Terrain Smooth
Terrain Raise
Terrain Ramp
Terrain Noise
Terrain Erosion
Terrain Hole (that’s the new one)
Texture Painter
Water Layers (water at different height, this allows from o-255)
Collection System
Map Limits (Playable Zone)
Global Modes
Mappers/modders will not be able to experiment with AI (well that is if they want to release their MP maps). A.I. is said to be for playing around and having fun on your own. You cannot  place A.I. in multiplayer maps, and it is not designed as a single player mission creator either. This will be a big problem for console owners as players who run maps that violate that rule could get banned. On PC, however, things will be much easier due to the platform’s architecture, meaning that we might get some proper total conversions.
Far Cry 3’s level editor will also offer a new feature, called ‘End Of Match Movie’, with which mappers can place an icon in the map area, so when the match ends and the winner gets to select punish or mercy, the actual area in the background will be their own map.
Furthermore, Water Layers and Watterfalls and Ladders have been confirmed. What’s also interesting is the ability to create Terrain Holes (anywhere you want). Mappers will be able to place vines / plants / creepers anywhere they want.
In order to keep performance under acceptable levels and offer more freedom, Ubisoft has upgraded its Performance Meter on consoles, meaning that mappers won’t be limited to 40000 objects per regional areas this time around. Instead, mappers can place items wherever they want and the only thing they have to worry about is the performance itself.
You can view more details on Ubisoft’s forum, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested in the map editor.
A look at the Far Cry 3 Map Editor

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